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Winter tyres offer extra grip, traction and braking control on snow or ice. But their benefits extend far beyond the snowline. When temperatures drop below 7°C, the tread compound in normal tyres begins to harden – reducing grip on the road and increasing stopping distances. Lexus Winter Tyres use a special rubber compound combined with expert tread design to combat this, and provide a safer alternative. Boasting superior breaking and grip whenever the temperature drops below 7ᵒC – make sure you're keeping safe on the roads this winter.


Stopping distances on snowy roads with winter tyres 


Stopping distances on icy roads with winter tyres 

Please note the above diagram is not drawn to scale. Braking tests completed independently by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association and supplied by Tyresafe. For further information, please visit


Superior Traction

Modern winter weather tyres are designed for optimal safety below 7°C, they are designed specifically to deal with cold, wet, icy, and snowy conditions. Not only will they afford much higher levels of traction in snowy conditions; our winter tyres offer superior performance in all winter conditions. They perform better and last longer in colder conditions while summer tyres actually wear faster when the outside temperature drops below the 7°C threshold. 

Preparing for Winter


Winter weather tyres, by design, may have a slightly lower speed rating than summer tyres. All tyres display a rating letter (S, T, H...) on the side of the tyre designating the maximum speed. As an example, winter weather tyres that hold a H rating have a maximum speed of 131mph, and shouldn't compromise your driving in winter conditions.

When it comes to storing your summer tyres, making sure they stay safe is simple. Each tyre should be stored in its own bag, making it easier and cleaner to store at home. It is recommended that you stack your tyres so that they are lying flat on the ground horizontally. Alternatively, where applicable, you could contact your local Lexus Centre to arrange for your tyres to be stored in a specialist facility.

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Enjoy our hospitality

As you have your winter weather tyres fitted, why not take advantage of our While-You-Wait service? This service means that you can help yourself to complimentary snacks and refreshments, read our selection of magazines and newspapers, watch TV, or explore the Lexus range of new vehicles.

Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter, contact your local Lexus Centre, and ensure your car gets the TLC it deserves.

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