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Hybrid Driving Tips

To help get the very best out of your Lexus, we have produced the following Hybrid driving tips for you:

  • Anticipate road conditions to avoid sudden braking and acceleration. Try to drive consistently.
  • Plan to keep moving and release the throttle pedal early – you gain MPG and regenerate some energy.
  • If travelling down a hill, encourage regenerative braking so that maximum benefit of the electric motor can be used for the ascent.
  • Gentle and early braking boosts regeneration, keeping the hybrid battery well-charged
  • Try to keep within the first part of the eco zone. Select ECO mode for smooth control.
  • Use EV mode at low speeds for silent, zero-emission driving. Combine it with ECO mode to stay in the eco zone, or combine it with POWER/SPORT mode for a more responsive EV drive.
  • To accelerate with optimum efficiency, use full throttle for a short burst of maximum power. When the desired speed is reached, lift off and immediately press the throttle again to put the meter in the eco zone to maintain your speed.
  • Ensure good maintenance (tyre pressures, oil, battery vent clear and excess weight removed).
  • When stationary, DO NOT select ‘N’ neutral as electricity will not be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge.
  • Watch the instruments to help you understand the state of the system.

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