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BodyshopChecked every time for free.

At Inchcape Lexus, we always carry out a free Body and Safety Check every time your Lexus comes in for any kind of work or service. However, we understand that our customers like to have peace of mind, so we welcome you to simply book in for a free check up, even if you have no work scheduled in.

Checked for your peace of mind.

We understand what it means to not worry about your Lexus so none of the work is mandatory, instead we are here to help you ensure your Lexus is safe, reliable and running at its optimum performance. 

Checked by our experts.

Our trusted, Lexus-trained technicians will carefully carry out a 33-point check of items that are part of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. Your Service Advisor will then provide you with a clear report that highlights what, if any, work needs completing immediately or in the future. To make life simply this report is based on our traffic light system:

RED  Due to safety reasons, this needs to be completed as a matter of urgency.

AMBER  Acts as an indicator that attention is required in the near future.

GREEN  All okay and in good working order.

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