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Published Date: 07/08/2017

Diesel cars are in the press for all the wrong reasons – but you don’t need to tell Lexus owners why hybrids are the more compelling choice.

In fact, Lexus is the only volume car manufacturer in the UK with a completely diesel-free vehicle line-up. A few years ago, Lexus engineers decided to abandon diesel completely, and instead achieve great fuel economy with low emissions another way: Lexus Hybrid Drive.

This combines efficient and punchy petrol engines with electrification, and a continuously variable transmission.

The benefits are multiple…

Low CO2 / NOx emissions

Electric cars are famously emission-free, but are limited by the need to recharge, and therefore have limited driving range. Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles, by contrast, never need recharging – instead, they harvest electricity that would otherwise be lost during braking, and any excess power generated by an effective petrol engine – during coasting, for instance.

The consequence of this is a blend of zero-emissions electric drive, and efficient petrol engine technology. Combined, this gives Lexus hybrids low official tailpipe emissions and low Nitrous Oxide emissions too.

Great fuel economy

Hybrid models were designed to combine the eco credentials of an electric car with the assurance and reliability of a conventionally-powered model. Over the years, as petrol engine technology has been fine-tuned, they’ve become better and better at squeezing additional miles and performance out of a single gallon.

For today’s Lexus models, the official figures say it all:


MPG (Combined)














44.0 (estimated)


Immediate acceleration

Hybrid vehicles use their electricity reserves when pulling away from a standstill. And this means they don’t have to rely on revs or torque for pulling power – acceleration is smooth and instant, giving you added confidence at roundabouts and junctions.

Quiet, relaxing style

Lexus hybrids engines are mated to continually-variable transmissions, or CVTs. These are different to normal gearboxes because they have no fixed gears, instead using a system of pulleys that constantly adjust the ‘gear’ you’re in – so you never get a jerky change.

This encourages a relaxed, driving style with progressive acceleration.

Find out more

Ask a member of the team at Inchcape Lexus about the hybrid version of your chosen model. We’ve always got examples available to test drive.

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