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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 20/01/2017

As one of the most hotly anticipated cars of 2017, the Lexus LC coupe has been built and designed by Lexus’s engineers to ensure it maintains the essence of previous sporty models.

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The low-slung sports car is put together by the world-renowned 'Takumi' engineers, meaning attention to detail is paramount and it certainly looks stunning. Built at the same Motomachi plant as the highly-praised and now legendary LFA supercar, the LC is hand-made in the same process to guarantee high quality production and also built by many of the same technicians who manufactured the LFA.

To maintain consistency across all models, constant checks are made to certify the fitting of the parts and it means that each LC is identical other than specified options with no stone unturned in terms of quality.

The interior finish is also up to the highest standard, with high quality leather and alcantara adorning the inside to ensure a stylish trim. With the specially-made magnesium alloy parts for the switches and paddle shifters, high quality is guaranteed throughout the LC.

The production of the carbon fibre reinforced polymer parts have been refined and perfected from their original appearance on the LFA, and with the process now suited for mass production, the parts can be made quicker and to a higher standard. All of these pieces help to reduce the weight of the car and lower the centre of gravity.

All of these refined and perfected processes help to create a car that is both dynamic and comfortable, with the LC offering superb performance. Having been tested on all types of road surfaces and conditions, the LC wants you to drive well and enjoy it as the sporty driving position helps you take in the enjoyable experience of driving even more.

The new LC is coming to the UK in the Summer of 2017, and for more information on the new sporty coupe, contact your nearest Inchcape Lexus Centre.

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