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Published Date: 06/04/2016

Why buy the Lexus RC300h

Hybrid power is at the core of Lexus's values, and the latest RC300h coupe shows how far its hybrid technologies have come.

In the RC300h, Lexus has produced the world’s first fully hybrid-powered luxury coupe, which helps to combine both a great driving experience and low running costs.

Under the bonnet is a 2.5-litre petrol engine paired to a high-output electric motor. Thanks to the ‘Atkinson Cycle’ combustion system, Start/Stop technology and exhaust heat recycling, the RC300h is very efficient.

Why buy the Lexus RC300h

The RC300h has also been built with safety in mind, with the Pre-Crash Safety system scanning the road for any objects ahead and applying the brakes and tightening the seatbelts if needed. All occupants should be safe in an accident, thanks to the secure safety cell and eight airbags surrounding the cockpit.

Ticking both the efficiency and safety boxes, the RC300h needs to be a performance car too. You’ll be glad to hear that the RC300h was developed by Lexus ‘Master Drivers’, who helped to perfect the LFA supercar, and with the world famous Nürburgring its testing ground, it has been developed with driving pleasure in mind.

Four driving modes are available with the RC300h so that you get the right feel and performance you want. ECO mode helps to reduce emissions and save fuel for the everyday drive, whilst NORMAL gives the driver balance, taking power, economy and ride comfort into consideration. SPORT and SPORT+ gives the top end performance when you need it, making the car feel as nimble and responsive as possible, with the car also being firmed up to make it as rigid as possible whilst driving.

Inside, the quality is maintained throughout, with leather seats, high quality veneer finishes on the surrounds, and surprise practicality through the 60:40 split in the rear seats. As well as a sporty seating position and leather steering wheel, you feel cocooned in comfort when in the RC300h, helping you make the most out of your Lexus.

The RC300h is on sale now, with prices starting at £34,995. To find out more about the RC300h and the RC range, click here.

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