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Published Date: 15/01/2016

Lexus RC F

If you're familiar with the Lexus brand you'll have seen the "F" branding, attached to higher performance models and accessories - but what is Lexus "F" Performance?

The "F" branding was conceived early in Lexus's lifetime, but didn't reach the public eye until 2007, when the Lexus IS F Concept, based on the Lexus IS saloon, was shown to the crowds at the North American International Auto Show.

Going on sale later the same year, the IS F has been followed more recently by the RC F and GS F - based on the Lexus RC coupe and GS saloon models. Like the IS F, these models stand out from their range siblings with pronounced body kits, larger brake options and additional exhaust tailpipes.

The concept behind the F brand is race-tuned luxury - taking the refinement and comfort that Lexus models are known for and incorporating it into a vehicle that would be at home on a race track.

Lexus of course has a specific race track in mind - the FIA Grade 1 Fuji Speedway, in Japan. This circuit is owned by Lexus parent company Toyota and has hosted Formula 1 races in 2007 and 2008. The "F" brand itself comes from Fuji's initial, while the logo is inspired by the sharp first corner, 27R, at the end of what was the longest straight on the F1 calendar.

The ultimate realisation of the F philosophy is the LFA supercar. With an F1-inspired V10 engine, this exclusive vehicle embodied the core Lexus values of reliability and luxury while pushing the boundaries of supercar performance.

However, the LFA was a limited production supercar that sold for well over £300,000. The IS F, RC F and GS F provide more accessible performance. Each is powered by a 5-litre V8 and adds a serious performance punch to the model ranges.

In addition to the more extreme vehicles, Lexus also offers "F Sport" trim levels across the Lexus range. F Sport specification is available on CT, IS, GS, NX, RX and LS models and brings reprofiled front and rear ends to add road presence and performance-inspired modifications like drilled sports pedals.

With F Performance, whichever Lexus you choose you can benefit from performance enhancements inspired by Fuji Speedway!

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