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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 26/06/2016

The Lexus NX conveys luxury in great style and comfort, but this model is practical too thanks to its size and interior space.

Inchcape Lexus

Lexus offers a wide range of additional options to help with making this car your own, such as extra style features, storage facilities and infotainment accessories to make your car suit you perfectly.

Safety is paramount for any vehicle, so with the Lexus Parking Aids for both the front and rear of the vehicle, you can make sure that you car remains untarnished and unmarked. The front set costs £375 including fitting, with the rear set priced at £425.

If you lead an active lifestyle, your NX needs the appropriate tools, and with the Rear Bicycle Holder you have the flexibility to hold two bicycles, with the device attached to the towing bar and the relevant lighting features fitted with a 13-pin socket to supply the power. This feature is £335.

For a bit more practicality with less hassle, you should go for the Rear Foldable Bicycle holder. The fixture folds away neatly and holds two bikes. It also has the mandatory light fittings and registration plate holder. This feature costs £650. It can be stored in the extra holder, which is £25.

Extra sporty design features are always a draw, and Lexus offers both front and rear underrun panels, as well as chrome garnishing and side mouldings so that you can add some extra style. For extra practicality, you can add wind deflectors to the windows and side steps, and to make sure your car stays in good condition, you can add protective film to the door handles and rear bumper.

To keep the interior in good condition, Lexus offers floor mats in both textile and rubber finishes, and also a tough plastic boot liner and textile boot liner to make sure your luggage compartment stays in top form. To make sure your luggage doesn’t move around in the boot, we offer both horizontal and vertical cargo nets so that your luggage is secure.

Extra interior features include a Wi-Fi Hotspot that can connect up to five mobile devices (isn’t compatible with models that have start-and-stop system), Lexus headphones to connect to the infotainment system with child-friendly settings, and a cool box, which needs a special transformer provided by Lexus.

For any extra details you need on the features mentioned or the other accessories at your disposal, contact your nearest Inchcape Lexus dealership.

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