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Published Date: 19/04/2016

Lexus unveil LC 500 and 500h together in New York

Lexus is known for producing quality vehicles that offer great performance, styling and efficiency and the new LC Coupe shown in New York is the latest expression of these values.

First shown at the North America International Auto Show in Detroit as the LC500 and then in LC500h form at Geneva, Lexus finally presented both versions of the new range together at the New York Auto Show in March.

Lexus unveil LC 500 and 500h together in New York

The LC500 range is another push into the luxury coupé market, with this model developed from the LF-LC concept, and begins the next step for the Lexus brand.

The petrol LC500 coupe has a 5.0-litre 467hp V8 under the bonnet, taking you from 0-60 in less than 4.5 seconds, and with a 10-speed automatic, will also keep up to four occupants comfortable thanks to the wide adaptability this car has.

The LC500h, the hybrid of the range, has a 3.5-litre V6 petrol teamed with a Multi-stage hybrid system, producing 354hp and works alongside a 4-speed automatic mounted at the rear end of the hybrid transmission.

This brand new Multi-stage hybrid system helps to team the electric and petrol units in the most efficient and productive way to help you get the best performance possible. It also includes ‘M’ mode, which is the first driver-initiated gear shifts offered on a Lexus hybrid.

This special system was developed with a lightened electric motor and lithium-ion battery to help offset the automatic transmission, so it weighed the same as a normal Lexus hybrid power unit, keeping the weight of the LC 500h down as much as possible.

The LC500 models bear many similarities with the design of the LF-LC concept, and with the aerodynamic shape and tapered back end, it sure looks sporty with its low and wide stance, keeping it close to the road.

The interior is also very well appointed, with leather covering many of the surfaces, including the seats, sports steering wheel and dashboard, with a full infotainment system and digital array inset.

Further details on LC series will be released in the near future, and to stay updated click here

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