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Published Date: 19/01/2016

Lexus RX EuroNCAP

Lexus has a reputation for safety and the latest results from EuroNCAP don't do anything to change that.

Achieving the top five-star ranking, the RX scored 91% in the adult occupant safety and 82% in the child occupant safety categories - but also recorded the highest ever score in the Large Off Road category for pedestrian safety.

The Lexus Safety System+ package includes a Pre-Crash Safety system with pedestrian detection. This system is fitted as standard to all versions of the RX and will recognise the risk of a collision with a pedestrian, alert the driver and prime the brakes to deliver maximum braking power. Should the driver not react, the autonomous emergency braking system will be triggered.

However, this system doesn't affect the pedestrian safety rating, as the test involves a static vehicle receiving impacts from simulated body parts. So it's good to know that even if a pedestrian comes into contact with the Lexus RX, they're better protected than any other large SUV. Both the bumper and bonnet leading edge rate good for protection across their full widths, while the bonnet and windscreen score good or adequate for the majority of their surfaces.

Lexus Safety System+ also helps to give the RX its 77% score in the Safety Assist category. It includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert/Lane Keep Assist, Road Sign Assist and Automatic High Beam.

For most though, the first two categories will be the most important - adult and child protection. The RX performed well in all of the impact categories, with occupants surviving the front impact, side impact and pole impact test largely undamaged. Even in the challenging side pole impact test, which left its mark on the laser screw-welded high-tensile steel shell, the occupants were well protected - scoring maximum marks in this test.

In addition, the RX has a standard autonomous emergency braking system which was subject to the Euro NCAP assessment. It avoided impact at every test and the system scored maximum points.

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