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Published Date: 30/03/2016

Lexus GS300h Sport

The Lexus brand takes pride in offering great safety and efficient driving alongside a stylish-looking body and quality finish inside and the GS saloon is one of the original standard-bearers for the Lexus badge.

It's not without rivals to its crown though and Infiniti's Q70 is one of the most recent attempts to achieve similar goals and, given similar origins, one of the most direct alternatives.

On the interior, both the Lexus and the Infiniti are fitted to a high standard. The simple, elegant lines of the GS convey the impression of quality more than the more fussy, scalloped Q70 interior, which hints more at sporting pretence. Particularly of note is the huge, 12.3-inch multimedia display in the GS's dash - the Q70 system seems much smaller and less clear when compared side-by-side.

Those nods to sporting performance extend to the Infiniti's ride, which verges on firm considering the positioning of these cars as executive vehicles. The GS has a far more cossetting ride - particularly for the passengers - and yet if you feel like a little bout of spirited driving you won't find it any less capable.

When it comes to engines, all of the main GS range uses petrol-hybrid powertrains. The 300h uses a 2.5 litre petrol paired to an electric motor, delivering 223hp and 64.2mpg - figures in excess of the Q70's equivalent model, a 2.2 litre diesel engine. It also returns CO2 figures that are significantly lower, with 104g/km from the GS qualifying for the £20 VED rate and the full electric mode means no local CO2 emissions in town, where cleaner air is most important.

Both vehicles have 3.5 litre V6 petrol hybrid options, with the GS450h as the Lexus option. When it comes to this form of propulsion, the two cars are broadly level pegging with each other for all relevant performance figures.

Of course one major advantage to the GS is the performance option. The Q70 3.5 V6 hybrid is the best performing car in the Q70 range, but Lexus goes several steps further with the 5.0 V8 GS F. This 477hp model hits 60mph a full second faster and yet returns roughly the same fuel economy as the only petrol-powered Q70, a 320hp, 3.7-litre V6 petrol! 

In all things then the Lexus GS has the edge on its rival from Infiniti and the parts add up to something of a decisive victory - there's almost no choice at all.

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