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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 28/12/2016

To easily afford the Lexus you want, Inchcape Lexus provide multiple finance options so that you can find the most suitable payment structure.

With Lexus Connect PCP, Contract Hire, Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase and Leasing, you aren’t short of choices when it comes to finding the right option for you.

Lexus Connect Personal Contract Purchase combines affordable monthly payments with flexibility at the end of your agreement to choose what you do next. To ensure you don’t pay as much at the start, we calculate the Guaranteed Future Value of the vehicle to act as your optional final payment. You are then able to retain the vehicle after paying the GFV; you can return the car, subject to condition and mileage; or you can renew your contract with a new vehicle by using the contracting vehicle as a part-exchange option for a deposit or as cash back.

Another option is contract hire, which offers the company a set period of time to have the car before giving it back, meaning affordable monthly costs and no real commitment. This option is good for tax benefits and is offered with great service and maintenance packages.

The simplest and most traditional option is hire purchase, which starts with a relatively low deposit – roughly ten per cent of the vehicle's value – and is followed by affordable monthly payments until the cost of the vehicle is covered. Customers can choose to finish the contract early with a final payment calculated by the finance company.

Lease purchasing offers lower monthly costs with a large final payment deferred until the end of the agreement. You just need to choose the length of the contract, and we will calculate the costs for the deal. It's that simple.

The final option is Lexus Leasing, which comes in two forms, Full Payout Lease and Balloon Lease. The Full Payout option lets you spread costs across the length of the contract and at the end of the agreement, the customer sells the vehicle to a third party or you enter into a secondary rental period with lower costs.

The Balloon lease involves a similar end process, however at the beginning you agree a residual value payment. From the sale of your vehicle, the costs you make will go towards paying off that 'balloon' amount, but if the price of the vehicle didn’t exceed the balloon price, you pay the deficit.

For more information on our finance options, contact your nearest Inchcape Lexus Centre.

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