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Published Date: 07/12/2016

In partnership with Paris-based film studio EuropaCorp, founded by director and producer Luc Besson, Lexus has created a spaceship for the new science-fiction film 'Valerian'.

Lexus design spacecraft for Besson film Valerian

As the first project of a creative partnership between the two companies, Lexus designed the SKYJET, a single-seat pursuit craft that will appear in the movie, which is due for release in July 2017. The spacecraft is designed with many of Lexus's signature iconic features, such as the spindle grille and headlight design, to help keep the film’s future setting familiar to the viewer.

With the help of Lexus's chief engineer, Takeaki Kato, and the design team, the film's production team were able to incorporate the technological concepts of the future into a Lexus-inspired design, with further pointers, such as the headlight design of the new LC coupe, being involved in the design of the ship.

When asked about the work on the SKYJET with EuropaCorp, David Nordstrom, global branding department general manager, said:

"As fans of film and Luc Besson’s work, Lexus is privileged to bring the director’s dream to life. We enjoyed the challenge of bringing Lexus’s design philosophy and technology innovations to this project. We look forward to developing our partnership with EuropaCorp as we strive to give audiences the most amazing experiences imaginable in the coming years."

Based on the French comic series Valérian, the upcoming film has the largest budget of any European-produced and stars Dane DeHann as the title character, with Cara Delavigne, Clive Owen and Rihanna also starring.

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