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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 04/07/2016

Despite not having any direct involvement in the race itself, Lexus had a key role in Toyota Gazoo Racing's near-successful set up at this year's Le Mans 24 hour race in France, thanks to its supreme experience in endurance racing.

Lexus at Le Mans

As a regular at the Nürburgring 24-hour race, Lexus has been able to develop its revolutionary hybrid drive system that has powered its high-end road cars for some time now.

Since the GS450h was entered in 2006 in the Japanese Tokachi 24 Hour race, Lexus's hybrid system has been developed to be suited to the arduous and extremely long races of the endurance scene, and with the latest set of units, it almost took Toyota to its first ever title.

Following on from the demanding tests at Tokachi, Lexus has since been able to use its ground-breaking Hybrid Drive in its road cars, which have become incredibly popular thanks to their efficiency and smooth performance.

When the World Endurance Championship started to lean towards more hybrid power, Toyota was able to employ Lexus's expertise in the pursuit of hybrid dominance and now in its fourth guise, the Hybrid Drive system has helped propel Gazoo Racing near the front of the endurance game.

If you want a taste of Lexus's fantastic Hybrid Drive system and see why the endurance team use it, call one of our Inchcape Lexus retailers to organise a test drive.

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