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Published Date: 31/03/2016

Lexus LF-FC Concept

The Milan Design Week is a big event in the design calendar and with the April event coming up, Lexus is showing off the style that makes its designs so iconic and recognisable.

A unique collaboration between the Studio Formafantasma design team - an award-winning, Amsterdam-based design company - and Michelin star-winning chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, who has recently set up his own restaurant in the Italian city, the exhibit will capture the spirit of Lexus design.

Formafantasma is an Italian design team made up of Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin and are well versed in producing experimental material investigations and concepts. Japanese chef Tokuyoshi has only had his restaurant in Milan open for ten months, but was already awarded a Michelin star for his work, and has gained a reputation of creating beautiful and well-designed dishes.

Inspired by Omotenashi, the traditions of Japanese hospitality that are part of the way in which Lexus designs cars to address their owners' needs, Formafantasma has created a multi-layered experience that inspires anticipation.

The three-room installation reflects some of the car production methods involved in creating the Lexus LF-FC concept car, with furniture created using painting and hand-finishing methods similar to those used in Lexus's car manufacturing processes. The final room in the sequence has a kinetic sculpture inspired by the hydrogen atom, a nod to the LF-FC's fuel cell technology.

As you journey through the exhibit, Yoki Tokuyoshi will provide new tasting experiences themed around clear water, the direct product of the hydrogen fuel cell

Lexus is also hosting the event’s Design Award, with the theme of Anticipation set for the 12 award finalists and will be displayed by Lexus.

The event runs from the 12th to 17th April at the Milan Fairgrounds, in the suburb of Rho.

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