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Published Date: 28/04/2016

How does Lexus Hybrid Drive work?

Hybrid power can be a complex beast and sometimes difficult to understand due to its technicalities. Lexus offers one of the best and most advanced hybrid systems on the market.

Through the combination of a petrol engine, an electric motor, electric generator, battery, power control unit and a power split device, which distributes the power between the engine, motor and generator, Lexus powertrains produce efficient driving and great driving performance.

How does Lexus Hybrid Drive work?

The system cleverly and effortlessly switches between the electric motor and petrol engine to provide the clean driving, with the two also being combined when needed to offer the driver maximum efficiency and performance.

Through the system there is a symbiotic relationship where the petrol engine drives the electric generator to charge the battery, and then at lower speeds, the electric motor takes over completely so that no harmful emissions are produced. The petrol engine is then restarted at the appropriate moment.

This well-engineered partnership between the electric and petrol elements mean that there is no need to plug your Lexus in at a charging point as there will always be enough charge on the battery provided by the petrol engine.

Charge is also recovered through regenerative braking and kinetic and thermal energy that would have been lost otherwise is put back into the car to charge the battery. In urban environments and in traffic jams, this system works perfectly due to the stop/start nature meaning zero emission driving in towns and cities is more than possible.

With a warranty for five years, the battery should actually last the life of the car. They are larger than conventional car batteries, which at first is detrimental to the environment, but thanks to the efficient driving you gain from the device, the overall environmental impact is very small.

The Atkinson Cycle engine used along with the hybrid system is unconventional compared to other engines, as it reintroduces cooled exhaust gases back into the engine so that less heat is produced by the engine.

This reduces the possibility of the catalytic converters overheating and the need for fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber to cool it down, making it more fuel-efficient.

The great thing about this hybrid system is that you don’t have to drive any differently than normal. Lexus Hybrid Drive does all the work so you don’t have to.

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