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Published Date: 30/11/2015

As the saying goes, winter is coming - and the Lexus NX is the perfect car to deal with it.

Lexus NX

Key to getting through the winter is keeping your environment comfortable irrespective of the exterior conditions, and this is where the NX excels. Of course, as a Lexus, you get a well-appointed and well-made cabin, insulated from road- and wind-noise, but the NX has a few extra touches to help you deal with the cold.

From SE specification and up, every NX comes with heated seats, while F Sport models (which includes all 200t models) get a heated steering wheel. All NXs have heated door mirrors too, and there are plenty of cup holders to keep your seasonal hot chocolate.

Of course as an SUV you get a commanding view of the road, which is essential in inclement weather to observe hazards ahead before they become your problem. All but the entry level "S" model on the NX300h are full time four wheel drive too, giving you the extra traction you need to avoid getting stuck. With 7 inches of ground clearance, the snow - or flooded roads - needs to get pretty deep before the Lexus is troubled.

Mere four-wheel drive is not the limit of the NX's talents either. A whole host of driving assists will keep you safe, as all NX models are equipped with traction control, stability control, ABS with brake force distribution and assist, hill start assist, adaptive cruise control, vehicle dynamics system and pre-collision safety system. 

One thing often overlooked in winter is fuel. Like all liquids, fuel has a freezing point and for diesel fuels that can be close to the coldest temperatures we see in the UK - becoming waxy and viscous at -5 Celsius for summer diesel and -15 Celsius for winter diesel - while petrol takes much colder conditions. All Lexus NX models are petrol-powered, whether the NX200t or hybrid NX300h, so will be unaffected by low temperature fuel issues unless we encounter another ice age.

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