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Published Date: 04/09/2015

Safety in the Lexus GS is essential and plenty of occupant protection, impact avoidance and driver aid technologies are on hand to make sure everyone inside is kept as safe as possible.

Lexus are doing everything in their power to help drivers avoid an accident. However, if the worst does happen an there is a collision then it is their priority to reduce injuries as much as possible.

Here are the excellent safety features that will keep you safe in the GS.

Occupant protection

On top of being an extremely luxurious and high quality cabin, it is also equipped with driver and passenger protection just in case things go wrong on the road. The immensely strong passenger safety cell is made of very light yet solid steel to ensure optimum safety is achieved.

Intelligent lighting

Lexus have named this system Adaptive Front Lighting as it can swivel the headlamp beam through bends as you drive into them, increasingly night time visibility drastically. A camera in the rear view mirror monitors light levels ahead and the full beam is automatically switched on and off.

Advanced safety

The GS 450h uses the same advanced safety system that was first seen on the LS. Advanced Pre-Crash Safety with Driver Monitoring and Lane Keeping Assist is now available as an option to make sure the risk of a crash is kept to a minimum. The technology on board will send warning signals into the cabin if it detects the driver is getting tired and can also apply brake pressure when a collision is unavoidable.

Adaptive cruise control

Like conventional cruise control systems, it maintains a pre-set speed for the car. However, thanks to the GS 450h’s radars, it can detect a slower moving vehicle ahead and reduce the cars speed accordingly by easing off the throttle or applying the brakes. Once the road is clear again the system smoothly resumes to the original cruising speed.

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