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Published Date: 11/03/2015

Lexus has officially revealed the new LF-SA Small Adventurer at the Geneva Motor Show.

The city car concept model was designed by ED2 – the Japanese marque’s Europe-based design studio was challenged by HQ to engineer an ultra-compact, urban 2+2.

Lexus’s LF-SA Concept is a driver-focused vehicle, reflecting Lexus’ vision that real driving experience must remain the ultimate luxury.

The LF-SA Concept combines a daring understanding of the brand’s L-finesse design philosophy, without losing the superior levels of driving pleasure that will always define Lexus’ advanced luxury.

A real spirit of adventure is reflected in the concept’s colour scheme; the Stellar silver exterior finish a reference to space exploration, the interior inspired by the spectacle of a solar eclipse.

ED2 designers managed to make the new Lexus LF-SA Concept 3,450mm long, 1,700mm wide and 1,430mm high – its compact packaging pointing to the manoeuvrability and agility essential to a proper city car.

An angular pattern radiating from the central Lexus logo, this latest expression of the spindle grille develops from two dimensional graphic to a powerful, three dimensional form, strongly influencing the front fenders and side bodywork and reinforcing the concept’s wide, firmly planted stance.

The difference between concave and convex bodywork is highlighted by powerful undercutting above the wheel arches, most obviously to the rear, bringing a unique proportion to the design and giving it a strong of dynamism and forward motion.

Despite the compact exterior dimensions, the LF-SA Concept boasts a surprisingly spacious interior – key to this feeling of spaciousness is the designers’ ‘manipulation of lightness’, evident in the sweeping dashboard design which reinforces the width of the cabin.

Whilst sole occupancy is typical in the majority of most city vehicles, the 2+2 cabin layout of the LF-SA gives total priority to the driver.

The driver’s seat is fixed, and the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable, bringing the vehicle to the driver, rather than the other way around. The front passenger seat, on the other hand, is slideable fiving access to rear accommodation.

A special infotainment system includes a hologram-style digital display incorporated in the instrument binnacle and a wide-angle Head-Up-Display.

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