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Published Date: 09/02/2015

When American media analyst Paul Dergarabedian was pulled over by a police officer last month he feared the worst – a ticket maybe? a missing taillight? He was therefore surprised yet relieved when the police officer asked him the question, “Have you opened it up yet?”
The Lexus RC F

Craig Trudell at Bloomberg reports that the incident provoked Paul to think about why other performance cars he had owned before had not been met with the same reaction from onlookers. According to Dergarabedian, “I don’t think anyone expects this from Lexus”.

Drawing in more customers from demographics not often seen as typical Lexus ones is central to Toyota President Akio Toyoda’s plans. Lexus is now pushing suppliers to increase output of sports seats and mesh grilles to meet demand.

Lexus’s F Sport trim models are enticing customers five to 12 years younger than buyers of the equivalent base models according to Vice President Mark Templin who added that each F Sport model added to the Lexus line-up has surpassed the company’s sales expectations.

Speaking at the Detroit Motor show, Templin noted, “We were in a meeting and Akio Toyoda said wow, if F Sport’s become the main car, maybe we need to be more aggressive with our styling than we have been over the last couple of years.”

Adding, “We’ve been really bold with where we’ve gone, and some people thought we were crazy.”

President Toyoda commented that, “It has been said Lexus was a good quality car but not emotional. My role and what I’m doing is adding the coolness and the emotion to the brand.”

He has certainly succeeded with this mission as the Lexus RF C continues to see excellent sales figures moving into 2015.

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