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Published Date: 29/11/2015

Lexus has a long history of production ready concept cars, so a flagship concept is something to get excited about.

Lexus LF-FC Concept

The visionary design, released at the Tokyo Motor Show, reveals both the future design and technology of Lexus saloons.

An elegant grand tourer, the LF-FC adheres to Lexus's “L-finesse” design philosophy. The signature spindle grille is now a tapering diamond design, and the characteristic L-shaped lights emerge seamlessly from the front wings.

The spacious and space-age cabin offers a comfortable and functional space. The open cockpit offers a great view of the road for the drivers, while the rear-seats offer plenty of head and legroom for people who would rather be driven in luxury than enjoy the drive of the Lexus..

With the LF-FC, Lexus also shows off its advanced human-machine touchscreen interface. This can be operated using simple hand gestures, with no need to touch a panel or switch. A small holographic image displayed on the control indicates where the system can interpret hand gestures to control the audio system and ventilation.

The drivetrain is suitably advanced too. A high-output hydrogen fuel cell system generates electricity to drive the rear motor and pair of in-wheel motors at the front. It can either operate in a cruising mode that uses the fuel cell stack to drive the car and charge the battery or use power from both the stack and battery in power mode.

This innovative system allows precise distribution of torque, and provides the LF-FC with exceptional handling and stability. In order to keep the weight distribution in line to exploit the dynamics, the fuel cell and hydrogen tanks are placed at the rear of the car in a T-shape configuration.

As you'd expect, the LF-FC also provides a showcase for autonomous driving functions. With  traffic environment recognition, prediction and judgment functions, the LF-FC not only shows how Lexus imagines the future of its cars but the future of motoring too.

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