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Published Date: 31/12/2015

Lexus RX interior

Music and motoring have a long relationship, but few realise how close that relationship is.

Yamaha Fine Technologies, part of the Yamaha company well-known for its skills as an experienced piano manufacturing specialist, has been working with Lexus since the brand's creation 25 years ago.

As a result of the partnership, craftsmanship skills admired in the world's greatest musical concert halls can be seen in the unusual surroundings of Lexus cars, notably the new RX.

Yamaha uses the same laser-etching process on the RX’s wood similar to that used on its exclusive musical instruments.

This technique is applied to the RX’s sapele wood option, a material with a distinctive ribbon grain that is also used in the manufacturing of musical instruments. The process creates a elegant looking pin-stripe effect and the high quality of wood against the metal creates a fabulous contrast between the two materials.

The RX's interior is inspired by 'omotenashi', the Japanese principle of a welcoming hospitality. The aim is to make customers feel safe, comfortable and totally at ease in their vehicles, with their needs catered for. 

It's easy to see how omotenashi influences the RX, with features such as the power tailgate being opened with a slight wave of a hand over the Lexus badge to stop the mad panic to find your keys while holding bags.

With this guiding principle, Lexus has a long history in trying to find different exciting technologies to feature on their cars and the new SUV will continue its predecessors' work in changing people's ideas on what they can expect when buying a luxury prestige vehicle. 

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