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Published Date: 07/10/2014

The brand new Lexus NX will make its television debut in Europe this evening when the Striking Angles ad airs.
will i am launching the new NX ad campaign

Featuring top international recording artist and ‘The Voice’ judge,, the advert, which you can view online now, transports audiences to a futuristic imagined world dominated by angular design.

Travelling through the modern urban scrawl soundtracked by an exclusive reworking of’s Dreamin’ About the Future, the ad showcases the SUV’s striking looks and ultra-stylish design.

Speaking about the ad, said: “As a musician and an entrepreneur, I want my ideas and my presence to impact on the world around me. The team at Lexus applied the same vision to the ad – showing how the NX impacts the design of the world around it.”

As part of the advertising campaign behind the NX, Lexus has developed a one of a kind model designed by

In keeping with the high-fashion motif, the vehicle will be revealed at the Paris Fashion show next week.

Head of Lexus Europe, Alain Uyttenhoven,  said: “We wanted to bring our design philosophy for the Lexus NX to the forefront, transporting consumers to a world built entirely on revolutionary and striking design.

“It’s an attitude that we apply to everything we do at Lexus, from the design of the car to the innovative technology within.

“ perfectly complements the world that we created, fusing our joint passions for progressive design and technology.”

Lexus has announced that the new NX will feature a state of the art electric all-wheel drive system.

Known as E-Four, the system aims to provide extra grip to drivers exactly when they need it.

Built on a stripped down design, the E-Four system aims to avoid the extraneous bulk, emissions and fuel consumption which is usually part and parcel of all-wheel drive systems.

The new model will feature not only a state of the art hybrid powertrain, advanced safety and handling systems, but also an array of technological features designed to make the driving experience as enjoyable as possible.

A host of new technologies are present, including a wireless charging tray for mobile phones and panoramic view monitor.

The new NX will be priced from £29,495 when it arrives in October and is available to order now. 

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