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Published Date: 20/05/2015

If a luxury, affordable saloon is what you’re after, it’s time to seriously consider the Lexus IS models.

Despite being full of luxury equipment and boasting eye-catching styling, you can now have a Lexus IS 300h Executive Edition on a 0% APR finance deal.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s more…

Inchcape Lexus will also give you £2,500 towards the deposit on the car.

That means you can have the superb IS for £199 per month for two years, after paying the reduced deposit of £5,323.

And what you get for that £199 a month is really quite remarkable.

The IS really stands out in the luxury saloon market with its angled styling that has a bit of the supercar LFA about it. Its slanted headlights lead into a beefy X-shaped grille that gives the car an instantly-recognisable face.

Hop inside the cabin and you will be amazed at the luxury that surrounds you. The comfortable seats set the tone for the well-equipped interior that includes a centre display screen surrounded by a high-quality dash.

Take the IS for a drive and you can’t fail to be impressed by the stability and grip on the road, thanks to 20 per cent firmer suspension. The responsive steering only adds to the driving experience of the car.

And to add to its appeal, the Lexus has just been named the most reliable car brand in the world by JD Power for the fourth year in a row.

Because of its incredible hybrid engine and equally-impressive petrol option, the IS is top of the class in terms of running costs, with at least 45mpg.

Safety is always top of the agenda with Lexus, and in the IS there are eight airbags, stability control and a bonnet that pops up on impact to reduce pedestrian injuries. Some models also have blind-spot technology so there’s no chance of being caught unaware by someone walking behind the car.

Lexus have really announced themselves on the luxury saloon scene with the IS models and will offer firm competition to the BMW 3 series. And, thanks to its low emissions and cheap tax, it’s no wonder it’s a favourite with company-car drivers.

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