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Published Date: 30/04/2014

If you’re interested in buying a new Lexus, there are many options available to you, particularly as you might have specific requirements before you even think about what model you would like.

Lexus IS 300h
For example, you might be interested in finance packages for your Lexus, what the monthly payments are and what the future values of your car will be. Or perhaps you will be most concerned with the aftersales options for your vehicle and what maintenance services will be available to you.

At Inchcape Lexus, we strive to offer you the very best finance and maintenance packages to make sure that you get the top deal for your new Lexus. Looking around our website will show that our best deals include used and new cars, so we are certain that you will be able to find a deal that suits your needs, whatever they are.

Financing my Lexus

As we said previously, there are excellent finance offers available for both used and new Lexus models. Currently, across our dealerships we have offers on the new Lexus IS 300h and the Lexus CT 200h hybrid compact car.

If you are interested in buying the new Lexus CT 200h, for example, the model’s monthly payments are £259 and the representative APR is 5.9 per cent with a fixed rate of interest at 3.05 per cent.

With this and other new models, there is the option of ownership at the end of the agreement and you can choose your mileage and agree a payment period that suits you.

If you are buying a new Lexus, we recommend that you fund it on finance as it brings benefits, such as low interest rates and security of the future value of your car.

You can ask us about our huge range of finance options with our experienced team of dealers who will help you to choose the right payment method for you.

Value for money

At Inchcape Lexus, we know that it is important to get the best value for your money, and we work hard to make sure that we deliver this throughout the business.

For example, we offer a three-year/60,000-mile Lexus warranty on new cars, with no mileage limitation for the first year. We are also proud to offer every new Lexus three years’ full European breakdown cover.

For an Approved Used Vehicle from Lexus Inchcape, we offer you a year’s warranty, roadside assistance and we also do a history and mileage check on the model for you.

Our service packages are specified to your needs and can be a monthly or longer term payment plan, whatever is affordable for you. To hear about the extensive range of benefits that come with our service packages, call us today!

What about when I drive off with my new Lexus?

This level of care doesn’t just apply to before sales, as we also offer you a high standard range of additional sales and aftersales services.

We will be able to assist you at any time day or night with our Free Accident Management Service 24/7, which is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Like some other manufacturers, if you recommend Inchcape Lexus to a friend, colleague or family member then you will receive a £100 referral fee and remember, and there is no limit on the number of referrals you make!

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your Lexus and you have to bring it into us to get it fixed, then you can feel free to discuss any concerns directly with our technicians. They are highly skilled people who receive the most up-to-date training and have access to the best tools and technology.

Is there anything that affects pricing?

Factors that affect maintenance prices and finance prices for your Lexus are things like mileage constraints, but with our tailored packages for both, we are sure you will be able to find a plan that you are happy with.

There will also be some admin fees, as with any other manufacturer, but they will be itemised and discussed with you before you buy your model.

Are there any other perks?

If you want to fully protect your new Lexus, we recommend that you should opt for Inchcape Lexus SMART cover.

Choosing this SMART cover package protects your car from any serious damage and from the scrapes caused by everyday driving. Not only this, but it will also protect your no claims bonus.

Repairs will be done quickly and effectively at a location that is convenient to you and SMART cover will help to maximise your Lexus’ resale value.

For more information on our finance, maintenance and cover options, contact us at Inchcape Lexus today.

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