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Published Date: 07/07/2014

Earlier this year Lexus made an automotive industry first by teaming up with chefs to unveil its Lexus Culinary Masters team.The Lexus IS

Armed with six of the world’s most distinguished chefs, the Japanese car maker is going to be working with them on various schemes, including Lexus customer appreciation programs, charitable outreach and multimedia productions.

Lexus’ aim with this team of master chefs is to provide its customers with an all-round luxury service, from cars to high-end events.

The first appearance of the Lexus Culinary Masters team was at the Fourth Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival in May, of which Lexus is a sponsor.

As a sponsor of this event Lexus is known for being a successful host, catering some of the festival’s most popular and sold-out events.

It was at these events that the Culinary Masters did their work and one particular success was the Lexus Presents—REMIX: A New Spin on Haute Cuisine with Champagne Krug.

The event by Lexus and its Masters was a fine-dining and pop culture experience and it saw their guests savouring food, drink and music from DJ Mom Jeans, otherwise known as Danny Masterson.

Speaking on the event, Lexus’ Vice President of Marketing, David Nordstrom, commented: “We know epicurean pursuits are a passion point for our customer, and we have a well-established history of aligning with premier food and wine events.

“However, partnering with this extraordinary group of chefs is an entirely fresh approach. We will ask our culinary team members to advise us and help create highly innovative programs – from owner benefits, to entertainment, to philanthropic endeavours.”

Other Lexus-sponsored events, catered by its Culinary Masters included the Lexus Chef’s Table Lunch, which was led by Michael Chiarello – Chef/Owner of Bottega in the Napa Valley.

Giving his thoughts on the chef partnership with Lexus, Michael said he was, “Honoured to be part of such an elite culinary team, working with a company who shares our passion for perfection.”

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