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Published Date: 16/05/2014

Since the Japanese brand revealed its LF-Gh concept car in 2011, it has forged an identity with its spindle grille design, a synonymous key styling feature.

Lexus Spindle Grille
Lexus sees the front grille of a car as the ‘face’ of its models and it is a design touch it continues to take seriously. Most recently with the front grille of the new NX Crossover.

The front grille is a feature that Lexus takes seriously: rather than just a solution to give a car an individual look, it is a focal point, used as an integral part of making a model look sharper and more distinctive.

Head of Lexus, Kiyotaka Ise, explains, “We were more into ‘elegant’ in the past. Now we’re adding greater visual presence to that elegance.”

It seems that the emphasis on the design of front grilles was borne out of a lack of brand identity as Kiyotaka added that, “Instant visual recognition, for example, is the reason behind our spindle grille.”

The design of Lexus’ spindle grille is intended to look aggressive but marries this to an overall look of sophistication and elegance because, “These sentiments reflect how Lexus is evolving,” continued Kiyotaka.

Building a strong identity is a part of building a strong brand and this spindle grille shape from Lexus is brand-defining.

It shows Lexus as a modern and advanced premium manufacturer, which coupled with the design’s versatility also allows for the brand to enhance the sportier features of its F Sport models.

Lexus has consistently adapted the original, basic spindle design to fit successive concepts and production models. It has successfully helped to express difference qualities for these models.

This has been done by using different mesh designs and finishes for the grille surround; and giving the grille more depth, which drivers will see on the forthcoming RC F performance coupe.

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