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Published Date: 26/09/2014

Lexus has announced that the new NX 300h, on sale next month, will feature a state of the art electric all-wheel drive system.
The Lexus NX 300h featuring super intelligent E-Four system

Known as E-Four, the system aims to provide extra grip to drivers exactly when they need it.

Built on a stripped down design, the E-Four system aims to avoid the extraneous weight, packaging, emissions and fuel consumption which is usually part and parcel of bigger, mechanical all-wheel drive systems.

An additional electric motor is employed to power the rear axle, which will provide increased grip and improved control over the car in difficult road conditions.

The front axle can utilize power from the hybrid petrol engine, the electric motor, or both in unison.

E-Four has been engineered to work intelligently by varying the level of drive torque to the rear wheels in line with driving dynamics and road conditions.

Lexus says that this results in securing the exact level of stability when pulling off or during quick acceleration in conditions of lower grip.

Operation of the system is automatic and therefore the driver doesn’t have to worry about engaging all-wheel drive.

Energy and fuel is therefore also saved through the new system as AWD is only deployed when it’s needed.

Once the system identifies a loss of traction to the front wheels, it will reduce the electricity power supply to the traction motor located in the transaxle and instead increase power to the rear axle motor.

Apart from the entry-level S model, E-Four comes as standard on all UK versions of the new NX 300h.

Fitted with a 2.5 litre engine and a hybrid synergy drive system, the new model produces a combined maximum output of 195bhp.

It also emits less than 120g/km CO2 and achieves an official fuel economy figure of at least 54.3mpg. All versions also come with eight airbags and pedestrian protection as standard.

The new NX 300h will be priced from £29,495 when it arrives in October and is available to order now.

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