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Published Date: 24/12/2014

Lexus has revealed that its new performance based RC F will feature an all new V8 – the most powerful V8 Lexus has ever put in a road going model.

Lexus unveil most powerful V8 ever in RC F

Maximum power has increased by 12 per cent from the previous IS F model – now sitting at an impressive 417bhp.

The rev limit has also been boosted, from 6,800 to 7,300rpm with the higher 12.3:1 compression ratio boots torque across the entire rev range meaning maximum output now has risen to 530Nm.

Is it not just all about power with this V8 however – this is an engine which is smooth, highly responsive and has the ability to switch between a number of different operating cycles according to conditions.

The majority of the engines components have been updated including intake, throttle body, cylinder head, the D-4S injection system, pistons, connecting rod, crankshaft and VVT-I valve timing.

Top speed is electronically limited to 168mph with 0-62mph managed in just 4.5 seconds - a 400m sprint from standing start takes a mere 12.5 seconds.

It is important to remember however that this Lexus is not just about raw power figures – the RC F has been specially engineered to deliver excellent grip and handling.

Surprisingly for a Lexus performance engine – the V8 switches to the more fuel-efficient Atkinson cycle when operating at cruising speeds – moving to the Otto cycle when speeds increase.

External styling has been developed with aerodynamics in mind; the Lexus signature spindle grille has been given a mesh pattern with cooling ducts within the grille.

Huge L-shaped outlets just behind the front wings make a striking fashion statement whilst at the same time performing important cooling and aerodynamic functions.

The bonnet has also been raised to fit the V8 with a meshed centre scoop again providing an extra cooling effect and improved aerodynamics.

19-inch aluminium wheels have been fitted to help achieve better stability and reduce weight, with wide tyres providing superior grip and driving confidence on both urban roads and race circuits alike.

Inside, the RC F’s cabin is modelled on the exterior looks with added driver support and bespoke elements such as highly supportive seats and an all-new ambient lighting package.

Available to order now, priced from £59,995 – first deliveries of the Lexus RC F will begin in February 2015.

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