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Published Date: 27/08/2014

Lexus is showing off its sleek design for the new NX SUV, with the company saying that it’s reshaped SUV design “owes more to sports cars than slab-sided 4x4.
Lexus shows off NX design

The new Lexus NX marks the brand’s entry into the mid-size luxury SUV market and certainly makes a big visual statement, thanks to its muscular curves and agile angles.

Lexus has produced the NX to have a high-impact exterior that features a low, sloping roofline, a cab-forward silhouette, flared wheel arches, and defining bodywork lines that flow from the signature spindle grille.

The Japanese carmaker attempted to make the vehicle appear as if was forged from one piece of metal by actually pouring molten metal over the die used to make the grille and studying the shape that the liquid created.

The result of this unorthodox design approach inspired the Lexus NX’s angular shape and ultimately makes the model stand out from the company’s line-up.

Lexus’ new NX crossover has the most distinctive ‘face’ in the manufacturer’s model line-up, with its prominent spindle grille flanked y new LED headlamps and daytime running lights.

Lexus also subjected the NX to extensive wind tunnel testing in order to determine the best design of the rear spoiler. Thanks to the results of the testing, the rear spoiler not only stands out as a great design accent, but also helps secure the model a low 0.33 co-efficient of drag.

As far as the interior is concerned, Lexus says that chief designer Tetsuo Miki “wanted to capture the kind of style impact associated with high-end urban sports gear with a combination of structural good looks and luxurious but functional materials and textures.”

Miki certainly captured the style he wanted, with the driver’s cockpit of the NX reaping the full benefit of the company’s advances in HMI technology. Such technological features are combined with SUV elements such as soft leather kneepads on either side of the centre console.

The cabin of the Lexus NX provides a great deal of space for everyone on board, with best-in-segment space in critical areas.

In addition, luggage space is both generous and practical. The Lexus NX has a maximum loadspace width of 1,347mm, which is enough to fit four golf bags in sideways – rather than diagonally.

More storage space can be found under the luggage board, which takes the total luggage capacity to 555 litres and 580 litres in hybrid versions and the turbo petrol, respectively.

The new fully-hybrid Lexus NX 300h model is available to order in the UK now, with first customer deliveries taking place in October 2014.

Joining the range next year will be the Lexus NX 200t, which is the first model to adopt the company’s new 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine.

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