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Published Date: 01/12/2014

‘Love’ , ‘gorgeous’, ‘great’ – these are just some of the most used phrases on social media by fans expressing their feelings for the Lexus CT 200h.
Lexus fans show their love for the CT

Lexus decided to take to Facebook and Twitter to see what the people who ‘like’ Facebook or ‘follow us’ on Twitter thought about the baby hatchback – the Lexus CT 200h.

We asked Lexus fans to tell us what words came to mind when they thought about the CT 200h – combining responses with comments received on social media since the summer of 2014, Lexus created a heart-shaped tag cloud.

Words like ‘love’ and ‘gorgeous’ came out on top when the counting was complete – fans were blown away with the CT’s great looks, quality interior and Lexus Hybrid Drive engine, calling it ‘Awesome’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Great’.

Lexus claim they aren’t surprised in the slightest by the positive feedback after its considerable overhaul for the CT 200h (some 94 core changes in all) – as it was designed with customer feedback in mind.

Chika Kako, Chief engineer – Lexus’s first female chief engineer – spoke at the models launch in Rome, “Some customers complained about the CVT noise, and to solve that, we worked on defining the best balance between engine noise and vehicle speed for a more linear feeling. There has been a big improvement in mpg performance also.”

Famed motoring publication Auto Express was impressed with how Lexus used customer comments, “Rather than simply grafting on the new family face, Lexus has listened closely to its customers’ comments and applied a raft of smart changes to the hybrid hatchback.”

“Quality, refinement and ride are all improved, while the styling is fresher all round.”

The CT 200h’s penny-pinching running costs are sure to appease those buying with both heart and head.

Adding, “ Our baby hatchback is the only full hybrid model in its class, and delivers CO2 emissions as low as 82g/km – every grade is exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), and ‘S’ grade cars return up to 78.5mpg on the combined cycle.

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