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Published Date: 06/06/2014

A lot has been said about Lexus and its new NX model, but perhaps the most exciting news for the brand is that it is now breaking into the premium mid-size crossover market.

Lexus NX Crossover

The first Lexus for the fast-growing premium market is sure to be a popular choice, with its contemporary design and its choice of petrol and hybrid powertrain engines.

There are even Lexus F Sport versions, for those who enjoy their car with an athletic edge.

Two powertrains will be offered in the UK, including the NX 300h, a highly efficient hybrid system and a new Lexus-developed 2.0-litre petrol turbo engine in the NX 200t.

Both all-wheel and front-wheel drive versions will be available within the range, however, the NX 200t will be sold exclusively as an F Sport AWD model.

As a hybrid powertrain Lexus boasts impressive efficiency figures for its NX 300h model, which come in at less than 120g/km of CO2 and a combined fuel economy of 54.3mpg.

In terms of exterior design the NX has taken its cues from the LF-NX concept and it has been tailored to look like an agile and practical SUV model.

Noticeably, the Lexus NX has flared front and rear arches, which are home to either 17- or 18-inch wheels and contribute to the car’s crouching, muscular stance on the road.

Drivers will also the notice the tight silhouette made by the peaking roofline, but it’s the rear-seat passengers who will benefit most from this, as it creates a huge amount of headroom.

With regards to the interior, the NX speaks out as an SUV, thanks to its thick-rimmed steering wheel, a central silver frame embedded in the instrument panel and robust knee pads for the driver and front passenger.

The Lexus 300h hybrid powertrain debuts in the UK in October this year and the NX 200t version will follow suit by debuting in March next year. 

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