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Published Date: 23/09/2014

The Lexus IS 300h has been chosen as the most economical saloon car in the ‘WhatCar?’ economy test.
The Lexus IS300h

WhatCar?’s team of MPG testers shortlisted nine saloon cars, including executives, hybrids and family saloons, each with a real world economy of more than 50mpg. 

In an effort to compare their true economy, each car’s listed MPG was compared with the vehicles real world economy based on the testers findings.

The Lexus IS 300h was up against stiff competition including the BMW 320d, the Mercedes C200 and the Mazda 6 but came out on top with a real-world economy of 59.6mpg. John Howell, of WhatCar? said that “the low CO2 emissions of the Lexus IS300h mean that it’s cheaper to run than diesel rivals for business users”

With prices from £29, 495 the Lexus IS 300h has already built a reputation for reliability, which was recognized in the WhatCar? Review “Lexus’s reputation for excellent reliability and dealer service help make this a compelling company car option.”

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