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Published Date: 08/04/2014

Lexus has invited its Chief Designer Chika Kako to give her insights behind the design of the new CT 200h model.

Lexus CT 200h Design
Kako began design work on the CT 200h in June last year and she is Lexus’ first female chief engineer.

Her previous experience includes work on the Lexus RX and IS model ranges.

She had clear goals for designing the new Lexus CT 200h, “When it came to the engineering priorities for the new CT 200h, we wanted to have the best balance between ride comfort and dynamic performance.”

Kako continued on to say that it was also important for the team to design the model in-keeping of reducing CO2 emissions, particularly for the European market.

The team has managed to reach its goals by increasing the model’s body rigidity. They did this by increasing the number of wold points around the tailgate, adjusting the springs and dampers and retuning the steering for a smother feel and greater responsiveness. CO2 levels were cut by tweaking the hybrid powertrain’s aerodynamics.

In all, Kako and the rest of the design team made 94 separate changes to the car, she explained that they did this due to customer feedback. They had a particular interest about the sound generated by the transmissions from the corresponding speed of the engine.

Making these changes means that drivers will now experience a sportier and much more comfortable ride.

Efficiency is really where the Lexus CT 200h ticks boxes as CO2 emissions across the range are below 100g/km. The S version is the most frugal model as it emits just 82g/km.

The team has also taken aesthetics into consideration, “Making our cars more stylish and more fun to drive is what we’re aiming to achieve, while for me my biggest passion is to create a cool interior with innovative solutions and a warm atmosphere.”

Prices for the CT 200h start from around £20,995.

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