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Published Date: 12/08/2014

Lexus is recruiting some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and film makers to help guide the manufacturer’s 2014 Short Films programme.
Hollywood film icons supporting Lexus short films

The 2014 Lexus Short Films programme was set up by the Japanese luxury car maker to support up-and-coming film creators.

To achieve this Lexus has partnered up with am American mini-major film studio called The Weinstein Company.

This alliance has attracted support from leading figures in the movie community, who have worked on films such as Wonder Boys, The Quiet American and My Week With Marilyn. Those serving as mentors for the 2014 Lexus Short Films include Katie Holmes, Philip Noyce and Simon Curtis.

These famous mentors will also partake in a series of featurettes about the mentoring process, showing them meeting the film-makers and offering guidance and support.

These videos focusing on the production of Lexus Short Films aim to explore the art and importance of the short film medium. They’ll also examine the growing appetite around the world for these particular kinds of films.

These featurettes are due to be released in the build up to the theatrical release of the Lexus Short Films in Los Angeles. They are also due to arrive before the Lexus Short Films are released to the public online, which will occur this October.

Philip Noyce commented: “It’s an honour to have been approached by The Weinstein Company and Lexus International to participate in such an innovative and important programme.

“What they are doing with the next generation of filmmakers will have a significant impact in the world of cinema. I’m truly excited for audiences to see what these talented young directors are creating.”

The 2014 Lexus Short Films were first shown to members of the public at a premiere event in Tokyo back in May. Over 700 guests attended this event to see the result of Lexus’ work with figures from the film industry.

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