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Published Date: 25/06/2014

Lexus has announced that it is offering new multimedia entertainment facilities that will benefit its CT200h customers.

Game on for Lexus CT 200h
The entertainment features take the form of newly launched DVD and iPad systems that will be integrated into the CT 200h for rear seat passengers to enjoy.

The range offers a wide choice of screen and connectivity options for watching films, playing games and viewing pictures.

With multimedia options, customers will be able to tailor the pack to their preference and within their own budget.

Each pack is provided as standard twin front seatback-mounted, integrated docking units, even if only one media device is ordered.

Lexus states that the DVD players can be specified as either a master-and-slave or a master-and-master combination.

The former will see that both DVD monitors display the same image, while the latter will display films independently of each other.

A single DVD unit can be paired with a singular iPad holder, however double iPad holders can be ordered, if required.

The docking units have been designed to fit seamlessly into the rear of the cabin, thanks to concealed wiring.

This was done in order to prevent sacrificing the premium quality appearance of the CT 200h’s interior.

If the hardware isn’t going to be used on a particular journey, or the vehicle will be unoccupied, the docks allow for it to be removed easily for storage out of sight.

In all, the multimedia packs match the Lexus CT 200h perfectly for its efficient and forward-thinking nature and they integrate well into the model’s already impressive equipment levels.

At the heart of the Lexus CT 200h is its hybrid engine, which boasts balanced performance with frugal running costs.

The model’s benchmark sprint time comes in at 10.3 seconds, it has a combined fuel cycle of 78.5mpg and CO2 emissions of just 82g/km.

Prices for the new multimedia packs start at £400 for the twin dock with single iPad holder and the packs can be specified for all CT 200h grades. 

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