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Published Date: 04/09/2015

The Lexus RC F is the supercar of the Lexus fleet and has become a real favourite among Lexus buyers and fast car enthusaists.

Lexus have ensured that everything about the RC F is perfect for both driver and passengers thanks to so many excellent features, some of which we are going to show you here.

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Lets look at some of the excellent RC F features.

Driver focused cockpit

The RC F’s cockpit is specifically designed to ensure the driver remains focused on the road or track at all times. With figure hugging bucket seats and a beautifully crafted steering wheel, driving is simple and a real joy.

Carbon package

Adding the carbon fibre package makes the RC F 9.5 kilos lighter than the standard car. Elements made from carbon fibre include the bonnet, active rear wing and the roof. It uses the same carbon fibre moulding technology as the Lexus LFA supercar.

Passenger safety cell

Safety is assured in the RC F thanks to the occupant safety system that is provided by eight airbags. Both front seat occupants are protected by 2-stage head airbags as well as knee and side airbags. Curtain shield airbags run the full length of both cabin sides to keep those in the back as safe as possible.

Blind spot monitoring

It is sometimes difficult to check blind spots so why not have the RC F do it for you. Radar devices mounted in the rear bumper detect vehicles that are not visible in the door mirrors and activate a warning signal in the relevant mirror if there is a vehicle there.

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