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The Seven Best Car Ads Of All Time

A good song can put you in high spirits on the journey to work, have you serenading your partner, or frame special moments when you're going on a road trip with your friends.


Getting To Grips With A Lexus Hybrid

Lexus are one of the leaders in hybrid technology and there has never been a better time to consider a non-conventional power plant.


Compact Compared: CT vs IS

Both the Lexus IS and Lexus CT are premium compact cars, but which one is better for you? We consider the options in this article.


Hybrid Credentials - GS vs IS

Lexus offer great hybrid saloons, in the guise of the GS and IS models. Here we take a look at them both side by side.


Four companies set to join the Automotive Industry

The industry is being disrupted by technology giants - we take a look at four that are making their presence felt in the sector.


How The Lc 500 Shapes Up Against The Rc

How do two of Lexus's most desirable and quickest sports cars stack up against each other?


From Torque to BHP: Acceleration Explained

What's the difference between torque and Brake Horse Power figures? And why does it matter?


Why Go Hybrid - The Benefits Explained

There's never been a better time to consider a vehicle powered by hybrid technology. In this article we explain a few of the benefits.


Top Ten Ultimate Driving Songs

A good song can put you in high spirits on the journey to work, have you serenading your partner, or frame special moments when you're going on a road trip with your friends.


How the NX compares in the crossover market

Luxury compact SUVs make up the fastest-growing area of the car market, thanks to their elevated driving positions, spacious interiors and perceived safety advantages.


whats new lc500

The new LC500 is a spectacular expression of everything that makes Lexus vehicles so special. Inspired by, and incorporating some of the same manufacturing techniques as the iconic LFA supercar, the LC500 closely resembles the avant-garde LF-LC concept that debuted in January 2012.


What's new for Lexus in 2017

Following a successful 2016, Lexus is looking forwards to an exciting 2017, with new models, features and concepts coming to whet the appetite of the brand’s many admirers.


New Lexus IS

As a premium saloon, the Lexus IS exudes style and comfort, and with the new model coming this year, Lexus has maintained that level of quality throughout the vehicle.


The new Lexus RC F GT3 for 2017 motorsport

Using the RC sports coupe as the base, Lexus Gazoo Racing has modified the luxury car into a top level racer.


Lexus goes primetime with superbowl advert

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched and popular sporting events in the world, and if there is one place in the United States to start advertising the latest model, it is the perfect opportunity.


Lexus Guildford and Guildford Hockey Club Join Forces

Lexus Guildford are proud to sponsor Guildford Hockey Club, with the Ladies Under 16s Team in particular making a storming performance on the pitch.


Free MOT's for life at Inchcape Lexus

MOTs are a vital part of driving in the United Kingdom, and are necessary to make sure you can continue to stay on the road in a safe and legal manner.


What's new on the 2017 IS?

As one of the top executive saloons, the Lexus IS is constantly being changed to compete at the high end of a competitive sector, and as with many models, has recently been adapted and updated for 2017.


RC300 Offers at Inchcape Lexus

The Lexus RC 300h coupe is a stylish and mature option on the market, and with its full hybrid drivetrain, it offers superb efficiency without compromising performance.


Details on the new LC Coupe

As one of the most hotly anticipated cars of 2017, the Lexus LC coupe has been built and designed by Lexus’s engineers to ensure it maintains the essence of previous sporty models.