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Our dealer teams will work with you to choose the most suitable payment method for each and every customer, choosing from a range of finance options to help you pay for your new Lexus. Lexus Connect Personal Contract Purchase, Lexus Connect Contract Hire, Lexus Hire Purchase, Lexus Lease Purchase, Lexus Leasing. are all available, giving flexibility to the way you pay for your new car. 

To discover each of our finance options, click below to reveal further information.


Flexible Funding
Personal Contract Purchase is a highly attractive and very popular way to own a new, nearly new or used car. It combines fixed monthly payments with exceptional flexibility at the end of the agreement.

Your cars Guaranteed Future Value is calculated (based on a pre-agreed mileage per year and the age of the car) and is deferred as a final payment.

At the end of your PCP agreement you have total control in deciding which of these choices suits you best;

  • RETAIN - Buy the car by paying an agreed minimum residual value (Final Payment)
  • RETURN - Return the car with nothing more to pay, subject to mileage and condition. (i.e. If car prices fall substantially and you find you have negative equity you hand the car back with nothing to pay!)
  • RENEW - Part-exchange your car, any equity after the final payment is taken care of is yours to use as deposit or take as cash-back.
Why choose Personal Contract Purchase?
  • FIXED CHANGE CYCLE - know when your car is due for upgrading, with the flexibility to do this early if your circumstances change
  • GUARANTEE - a minimum Future Value for your car is guaranteed by the lender
  • GREAT MONTHLY PAYMENTS - perfect for budgeting
  • YOU'RE IN CONTROL - buy the car, just return it or part-exchange it, the choice is all yours!
  • TAX BREAKS - if you're opting out of a company scheme, your cash alternative isn't subject to company car tax
  • VAT FREE - no VAT on payments

Many thousands of UK consumers have already benefitted from PCPs and the vast majority are using PCP as their preferred method when it comes to changing for their next car!


Lexus Connect Contract Hire is simple – you drive your Lexus company car for a set period, and then give it back. As a smart and simple way to keep your company moving, Lexus Connect Contract Hire gives you peace of mind, with fixed cost motoring, tax benefits plus optional service plans and maintenance packages. Lexus is an environmental leader, leading the automobile industry in becoming greener and more environmentally conscious. With our hybrid technology as a case in point, everything we do – from innovating in green technology and ensuring lower CO2 emissions, to working with local communities – is all done with the environment in mind. Call our dedicated corporate sales team, to work out how Lexus and your business can work together.


Hire Purchase is perhaps the most traditional of funding methods. The monthly payments are determined by the amount of deposit initially paid, the period of the contract and the overall price of the vehicle. Once all the payments due under the agreement have been made the title passes to you and you are free to keep or dispose of the vehicle as you see fit. Should your circumstances change you are able to settle the agreement early, and your finance company will be happy to provide a figure for this at any time.

A typical hire purchase option will consist of paying a low deposit amount (maybe 10% of the vehicle price), have no mileage restrictions and entitle you the customer to eventual ownership of the vehicle.

Essentially, the Hire Purchase funding option is best suited to those customers who want simplicity. With the funding secured against the vehicle, finance acceptance may be easier to obtain than an equivalent unsecured personal loan and as such can help in protecting the customers first line of credit, the amount of money that the customers bank will lend without asking for further security.


This form of Hire Purchase significantly reduces your monthly payments by including a large final payment. A proportion of the cost of your car is deferred to the end of your agreement. Although we do not guarantee this amount, you could still benefit from lower monthly payments.

  • Fixed monthly payments for easy budgeting 
  • Choose the term of the agreement to suit your needs 
  • You own the car at the end of the agreement 
  • For businesses – no minimum deposit required which means a reduced initial capital outlay 
  • For businesses – writing down allowances can be claimed 
  • For businesses – your Lexus can be shown as an asset on the balance sheet


These cost effective options are popular with business users and there are two types to choose from; full payment lease or balloon lease.

FULL PAYOUT LEASE: You spread the cost of the car over a period that suits you. At the end of your agreement, you must sell the car to a third party, and 95% of the proceeds from the sale are returned to you as a refund of rentals. Alternatively, at the end of the period you can enter into a secondary rental period for which you pay a nominal rental.

BALLOON LEASE: At the beginning of the agreement a balloon or residual value payment is agreed, which has the effect of lowering the monthly rentals or reducing the term. At the end of the agreement you sell the car to a third party and the proceeds are used to pay the balloon amount. If the proceeds of the sale are in excess of the balloon amount you will receive a rebate of 95% of the excess, less VAT. However, if the sale of the car does not cover the balloon amount, you are responsible for paying the shortfall.


  • Lower monthly rentals (as we reclaim VAT on the car and pass the saving on to you)
  • Vehicle can be shown as an asset on the balance sheet
  • Greater funds are held in your business, since the initial outlay is reduced
  • 50% VAT may be reclaimable on rentals (VAT registered businesses only)
  • Writing down allowances can be claimed
  • Rentals are allowable against tax (business users only)