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The Legendary Lexus LS.

From the moment you step into the LS driver seat and release the mighty throttle by pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor, you’ll witness extreme power and the ability to take the roads by storm.

Sleek and refined, both inside and out - the spacious Lexus interior has been designed for an almost soundless, smooth driving experience. Luxurious styling and superb handling, the LS is a sophisticated saloon that has lead the way in the saloon sector from the start.

Lexus LS460


With both LS models featuring some of the finest, most advanced technologies – it’s hard to deny its distinctively welcoming nature. To automatically activate the LED clock and wing mirror guiding lights within the LS 600h L, simply approach this forward-thinking, intuitive vehicle with the electronic smart key. 

Besides this, the variant can deliver extraordinary levels of power and performance, at just the press of a button – with a unique and unusually impressive level of efficiency for its size.

Lexus LS460

Extreme Power

For the ultimate Lexus Hybrid Drive experience, the Lexus LS 600h L 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine and electric motor deliver a combined 445 DIN hp of pure, refined power, further aided by permanent All-Wheel Drive. While the LS 600h L V8 4.6-litre petrol engine showcases master engineering at its finest. 

Hand-finished by the Lexus experts, this engine combines smoothness and an unbeatable level of power, with all-round high-performance characteristics. While the Variable Valve Timing – intelligent Electric (VVT – iE) system and D-4S direct injection technology perfectly synchronises impressive torque and immensely low combined emissions, at just 249g/km.

Lexus LS460


Our advanced A-PCS is a cutting-edge system that can easily detect errant pedestrians. Driver Monitoring, Lane Keeping Assist and Rear Pre-Crash are all precautionary measures – complimenting and guiding the Lexus owner through the safest drive. Besides these features, 10 airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners help to protect the driver and passengers, enhanced by the Advanced Pre-Crash Safety system. 

Not forgetting, the Anti-lock Braking System, Blind Spot Monitor, Traction Control and Electronically Controlled Braking, as standard on the LS 600h L variant.

The Ultimate Upgrade

Experience the full power of the LS F SPORT. Whether you’re thrilled by the impressive levels of throttle, 19” forged aluminium wheels, 10mm lowered exterior or embossed F SPORT logo featured throughout the cockpit, there is a reason for everybody to love F SPORT driving.

If that’s not enough, the large Brembo® ventilated disc brakes have been developed by the team who tuned the LFA supercar, to maintain a commanding presence on the roads while ensuring durability.

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With this improved fourth generation version of its large luxury saloon, the LS, Lexus looks to showcase all it can be. There's a choice of conventional and hybrid petrol V8 power and standard or sharpened driving experiences. What hasn't changed is that luxury, refinement and sheer attention to detail still get top billing. This car's refined - of course it is. It's also very fast. Drive the rear wheel drive LS460 as if you've stolen the thing and courtesy of a 382bhp 4.6-litre 32v V8, sixty two mph flashes by in just under 6 seconds before the silky 8-speed automatic slurs you gently on towards the artificially limited top speed of 155mph. With an electric motor boosting the V8, LS600h hybrid has even more power to call upon - 439bhp.

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The Lexus LS Easily detect errant pedestrians with advanced, cutting-edge A-PCS.


The Lexus LS Hybrid and petrol options available - you can choose the ideal level of power and efficiency.


The Lexus LS Smooth, high-performance D-4S direct injection technology available.

Interior Comfort

The Lexus LS For ease of entry, the driver’s seat also automatically slides back and the steering wheel retracts.


The Lexus LS Forward-thinking technology that's naturally intuitive throughout the LS range.


The Lexus LS A high-performance, fuel efficient, sophisticated saloon.


LS 460 Luxury

LS 460 Luxury
  • Ultra smooth V8 petrol engine with 8 speed automatic transmission
  • 18" Alloy wheels
  • Full leather seats, with heated and ventilated front seats
  • 19 speaker Mark Levinson premium sound system
  • 12.3” Display monitor with HDD Navigation
  • Dynamic Illumination System
  • Bi Xenon headlights with I-AFS and LED DRL


  • 19" F SPORT Alloy wheels
  • F SPORT Exterior and Interior Styling
  • Lateral Damping Stabilizer
  • Brembo Brakes
  • Air suspension - F SPORT
  • 19-speaker Mark Levinson® premium surround system, DVD player, USB and Bluetooth®
  • Rear parking camera

LS 600h L Premier

LS600h Premier
  • 4-zone climate control, including climate concierge
  • 19-Speaker Mark Levinson audio system , DAB, FM/AM tuner, DVD player, RDS, Bluetooth, USB and AUX connection
  • 19" Alloy wheels 15-spoke (245/45 R19 8J)