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Lexus Hybrid Benefits:


The hybrid technologies fitted into every Lexus hybrid vehicle reduces unnecessary fuel emissions. For a more efficient drive, hybrid vehicles are fine tuned to be aerodynamic, using the most lightweight but durable materials.

Comprise all of the above features into one vehicle and you can rest-assured, you’ll witness the most economical drive of your life. Each hybrid engine switches from petrol to electric power, with minimal – zero emissions, it’s clear to see why so many people choose to drive a hybrid with Lexus.

Lexus Hybrid Benefits: Quietness


The peaceful driving experience witness when you switch on the hybrid vehicle and accelerate is incomparable. Engineered with the optimum driving experience considered, each Lexus hybrid vehicle comprises the electric EV mode and high performance sound proofing, for an all-around pleasurable drive. When driving at a low speed and low speed cruising, the tranquil quietness of the hybrid system is second-to-none. A stop/start function allows you to switch the engine off whenever the car comes to a standstill.

Lexus Hybrid Benefits: Performance


Both dynamic and powerful, all Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles provide the ideal combination of acceleration, power and handling. Switching between electric and the petrol engine is a seamless task; which ensures the driver with the smoothest levels of acceleration. Should you desire a large surge of power, the Lexus hybrid range is the perfect choice for you.

Lexus Hybrid Benefits: Air Quality


Driving a Lexus hybrid vehicle enables you to reduce the levels of co2 emissions released on the roads. Every hybrid vehicle produces the lowest possible co2 emissions, throughout the vehicle’s lifespan, to create a cleaner environment in the long run. With virtually zero NOx emissions and minimal CO2 emissions guaranteed, it’s clear to see that hybrid is paving the way for a cleaner future.

Lexus Hybrid Benefits: Save


Our hybrid vehicles aren’t just engineered for personal driving, the Lexus engineers have heavily considered the needs of business users as well. The hybrid range boasts a number of money saving features including: class leading BIK bands, strong residential values, up to 40% reductions on running costs and more. Plus, if your vehicle fits into Band A, it qualifies for free road tax.
You can browse the specification (including the BIK rate, combined mpg, combined fuel consumption and more) for each Lexus hybrid vehicle below:


Model  Fuel Consumption
Combined l/km
Combined mpg Emissions 
Combined Co2 g/km
NOx  VED Band  BIK rate 14/15 BIK rate 15/16
CT 200h 3.6 - 4.1 78.5 - 68.9 82 - 94 5.1 A 11% 13%
IS 300h 4.3 - 4.7 60.1 - 65.7 99 - 109 2.1 A - B 12-13% 14 - 15%
NX 300h 5.0 - 5.2 54.3 - 56.5 116 - 121 6.6 - 7.2 C - D 16 - 17%  18 - 19%
GS 300h 4.7 - 5.0 57.6 - 60.1 109 - 113 11.5  B-C 14 - 16% 16 - 18% 
GS 450h 6.1 - 6.2 45.6 - 46.3 141 - 145 6.5 F 21 - 22% 23 - 24%
RX 450h 6.3 44.8 145 7.3 F 22% 24% 
LS 600h  8.6 32.8 199 15.9 J 32% 34%

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