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From smart technology to servicing, with a range of Lexus Hybrid offers not to be missed - discover Lexus Hybrid Drive today.

Since its introduction in 2006, Lexus Hybrid Drive technology has provided motorists with a new level of efficiency and driving enjoyment. The intelligent combination of a petrol engine with an electric motor in our range of full hybrid cars give you the exhilaration of a Lexus drive along with reduced emissions and improved fuel economy, but what is a hybrid? How does the technology work? How does it really compare to a normal vehicle? The premium IS Hybrid has a striking new appearance and a plush interior, whereas the RX Hybrid is in a class of it’s own. Should the CT, GS, LS or NX strike your fancy instead, your local Lexus centre is waiting for you to purchase a brand-new car from the new Lexus Hybrid range.


Inchcape Lexus Hybrid


At Inchcape Lexus our authorised technicians are the most reliable people to keep your hybrid in full working order. Find out how we can help you get optimal efficiency out of your vehicle.

Inchcape Lexus Hybrid


Browse our selections of frequently asked questions on Lexus full hybrid technology.