Lexus Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning and climate control are standard features found in many cars today providing a comfortable environment in the cabin area. To maintain efficiency, it is essential to keep these devices maintained. Regular maintenance maximises the systems effectiveness as gasses used in the systems evaporate over time.

We are currently running 3 Air Conditioning Service Offers:

  • Air conditioning - anti bacterial service & refresh* £49.99
  • Air conditioning - full service (re gas)* £89.99
  • Air conditioning - full service and anti bacterial treatment (refresh & re gas of the system)* £99.99

*Filters will be checked as part of the service but will not be replaced.

For optimum performance manufacturers recommend that air conditioning services are carried out regularly, especially after lack of use during winter months.

Lack of use means that condensation can build up in the Air Conditioning system, harbouring bacteria and fungi. Our special air conditioning service eliminates these unwanted guests and at the same time neutralises odours - providing a cleaner driving environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Checking gas is at optimum level
  • Ensuring no gas leakages
  • Anti bacterial treatments
  • System efficiency check

To take up this opportunity, please complete our short online booking form to confirm your attendance.